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Shannon Blair is a professional writer and ISSA certified nutritionist. She spent fifteen years as an English professor and occasional freelance writer before rerouting her career during the pandemic.

Life on hold led (and at times, forced) Shannon, like so many others, to reflect on changed priorities and professional aspirations. Recalibrating to focus with “2020 vision” on her own writing projects and interest in nutrition allowed her to pursue exciting opportunities and advanced studies in health and wellness — while taking better care of her family and herself. 

A healthier lifestyle is a gift Shannon is grateful to offer her nutrition clients, too. She also writes about nutrition, health and wellness, and the food and beverage industry for a variety of clients; however, she is unafraid to tackle any writing project and has produced copy for a wide range of industries including environment, health, and safety; the nonprofit sector; and continuing care retirement communities. Remembering her time in the classroom fondly, Shannon still channels her inner educator at times to provide academic support services through language arts tutoring and writing guidance.

What can Shannon help you create? Contact her here to inquire.


Writing Services

This (anti-red-ink) former English Professor loves to write--and loves to ease the way for others to tell their stories well, as well:

  • small business owner striving to show industry savvy?
  • creative writer desiring input on your craft and publishing how-to?
  • high school student wrestling with application essays?
  • job seeker needing to stand out?


As a former public relations manager, courseware developer, writing and rhetoric professor, and current freelance writer, my abilities range from the technical to the creative and the print to digital medium. My work projects vary in form but always share attention to detail and on-time delivery.

  • educational content
  • Newsletters
  • long and short form blog posts
  • web copy
  • articles
  • profiles and bios
  • brochures
  • business letters
  • grants


Request samples, get a free quote, or inquire about a project here.

Nutrition Services

I take your nutrition seriously so that you don't have to. Do you need:

  • answers to your questions? research-backed ideas to try?
  • support and accountability?
  • nutritious, delicious recipes and meal plans?
  • more plant-forward, less-waste strategies?
  • tips & tricks when it comes to navigating nutrition labels?
  • DIY savvy in the kitchen or grocery store? 


My services include, but are not limited to, consultations, coaching, and classes. Can’t find what you’re looking for from the below options, just reach out here. We can find a solution that meets your lifestyle, budget, and needs. 


Get answers to your questions.

I'd love to help address any nutritional quandaries you have: extra small -- large. I will reply with a free estimate based on your unique situation. For instance, you might participate in a CSA program and just want to know how to utilize some of the veggies in your box. You could be curious about trying a new supplement or diet trend. Perhaps you have a more pressing need like figuring out why you are so "hangry" at work the same time each day. Maybe you need even more assistance, such as proper nutrition while training for a marathon or how to navigate family meals now that someone in the household has gone vegetarian. Any and all inquiries welcome!


Select and store well to eat well.

If you don't have what you need, you can't begin to focus on healthier snacks and meal prep. If you have what you need but can't find it, you'll waste time and money. Walk me through your existing storage and selection conditions, and let me offer strategies and solutions. Zero in on your cabinets, freezer, fridge, and/or pantry (all my happy places).


Maximize your supermarket experience.

Let me join you on your regular food run. We can stroll the aisles together and discuss healthier swaps and new ideas you might enjoy. Allow me to show you how to properly read labels in a time-saving manner. Ask away about shelf items you've wanted to try. Learn how to shop smarter not harder to reduce waste, time, and expense for future market trips. Would you rather go remote? Tell me where you shop, your questions, and I can report back with recommendations.


Goodbye, Hello Fresh. Take a hike, Takeout.

There is nothing wrong with meal kits and enjoying someone else's cooking, but incorporating more doable meals into your regular rotation can save money and increase nutrients long term. Let's spend some time discussing your family's mealtime hassles, likes, and dislikes. Then, I will provide you with however many nutritionally-sound, family-friendly dinner meal ideas you prefer, including the recipes, market list (organized by aisle, of course), and plan of attack tips for efficiency. Recipes will be versatile, allowing you to keep them in rotation--with a few minor swaps, inviting a little creativity into your kitchen as you gain confidence.


A Tailored, Comprehensive Reset

For around the same cost as a pair of Lululemon's bestselling leggings, you can jumpstart core healthy habits (that will outlast any wardrobe) in only four weeks. Whatever your current habits, lifestyle, and goals are, Less is More Nutrition carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalized plan based on your specific profile. If realistic, incremental growth over the course of 4 or more weeks is what you’re looking for, let's talk.


Less Fuss, More Fun!

Using the American Academy of Pediatrics' Picky Eater Project as inspiration, I will customize its 6-week approach for your needs, guiding and supporting your family the entire way. The goal will be twofold: for your children to grow into more adventurous eaters and for everyone in your home to enjoy healthier dining together. Considering the average family of four spends around $30 for a single meal kit on a single evening, learning how to cook and dine together in a more harmonious way will add back much value (and decreased frustration) to your household.


Watch when you want. Pause for your pace.

Grow your DIY abilities for sustainable healthy meal prep know-how. Gain confidence in the privacy of your own space, solo or with company. You can even select what you’d like to learn for a customized video lesson.

Appetizing? Let's discuss.